sábado, 4 de outubro de 2014

Miss Nigeria Supranational 2014 Marian Makbere

Mr Zelly invited us to Concord hotels for the Official unveiling of Delegates to Miss United Nations. I attended the event with my Manager/Chaperone, Miss Jessica. We were allotted to our rooms. While we were around, they called us for a meeting to discuss with us, I never knew they had it all planned. I was with Mr Zelly and he was beginning to irritate me with all sex talks and proposals. Telling me, he can make me win if I go to bed with him. The next minute, I heard Jessica shouting out of annoyance and raining insults on Mr Jahn Basil for having locked up the room and attempted rape with force. We would have recorded the discussion but never knew the utilities of the phone we were using at that time. Though we had chats via sms on our phones. We also felt we would report to the UN pageant authorities by the time we arrive in Mexico.  stand to say, Mr Zelly hides his identity and the other girls are aware but wouldn’t want to tell us. Often a time, he would always tell me that Miss Sharon and Lynda are his girls and no doubt I was always seeing them hug sexually and I also noticed they always inhabit a single room anytime they lodge. I believe the girls have compromised their dignity for a position because he had also promised me such a place in the Miss United Nations if I agree to go to bed with him. I was yet to understand what he earlier meant by telling me Sharon and Lynda are his girls until I saw for my self how he pimped them for men and how they always say yes to his commands whether right or wrong.

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