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Miss Costa Rica Universe 2014 Karina Ramos

After Karina Ramos was crowned as the new ambassador for the national beauty, Miss Costa Rica two exreinas view that the 20 year old they have good potential to compete in Miss Universe. One is Nancy Soto, who reached the top 10 of the international competition in 2004 in Ecuador. “Karina is beautiful; has very good body. I believe that and its development will be strengths. I hope that you prepare well, that creates it and go with everything. This year we will do very well at Miss Universe, “said herediana. Meanwhile, Maria Teresa Rodriguez Miss Costa Rica 2008, said he supported Karina in this process and also gave advice that was implemented. “I know Karina while. I’ve been in classes with her catwalk. I invited the rehearsal the day before the final and I told him to be more calm, to breathe on stage so you can enjoy that time. “I feel like it has much potential to classify. It is a gorgeous woman, very safe despite his young age. Gateway and photography, does an excellent job. Believing it should be; think you can go far, but always keeping your feet on the ground. You must realize that a Miss Universe is too big; if prepared well, the name of Costa Rica is going to sound, “said the TV presenter also. Steeled. Sandra Leitón mum the new Miss Costa Rica, said it was an advantage that her daughter has been exposed to the cameras and radio since a child. Elements RG Ramos passed at age 11; then, Vox was in radio and, later, in the channel VM Latino. “That exposure helped him a lot. She says it; knows how to handle cameras, know where they are located and how to move on stage. It is very flirtatious and she felt in her puddle “Leitón said.

Miss Costa Rica Karina Ramos

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