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Mister Pakistan World 2014 Shayan Farooqi

Shayan Farooqi Age 28

If chosen Mr. Pakistan World, what can you do for the community?
Since the time I was a young child, I have always had dreams of becoming someone who can do something for my countrymen. When I was a young child I wanted to join the Pakistan Army. Once I moved to the United States as adolescence I figured the only way to give back to my country would be to become financially stable and do what one individually can. One day I wish to to go help the underserved people of our country. I feel very bad for our peoples need for basic necessities such as heatlh, food and policing(security) not being met.  I think becoming Mr. Pakistan would give me the significance to spread my word of equality and protection of human lives.

Why do you want to represent your community?

I am a person of much patience and compassion. My mother is a very compassionate person and has thought me and my siblings very well. We have since a very young age learned to respect all people regardless of gender, age, ethnic group and social class. We have always learned of raising helping hand to whoever needs. I have learned from a very young age to put myself in people’s position before judging anyone. It is very easy to look away from injustice unless a person could put themselves in a wronged position. It is very easy for us Pakistanis living abroad to look past rape, torture and suppression people of our country are put through. But we are all humans and only time and place decides what position one could be in. Just because a thing doesn’t happen to us doesn’t mean we overlook it. People of our country suffering is us all suffering. I want to represent compassion, love and respect once people of our country had for one another which has been forgotten. Rich or Poor are only a matter of time. I can’t see people treating the underprivileged inhumanely only because they can’t speak for themselves. I want to represent the real Pakistani with a wholesome heart as we are supposed to be.

North Pakistan

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